「未来志向のエネルギー革新、舞鶴から。(Realizing Future-oriented Energy Innovation from Maizuru.)」をミッション・ステーメントとして今後とも事業展開を鋭意進めて参ります。皆様、何卒宜しく御願い申し上げます。

京都舞鶴エナジー株式会社 取締役CEO 原田武夫


Climate never stops. The entire global community is facing unprecedented change of its economy. The energy structure continuously changes itself. In this context, Japan isn’t an exception at all. Her domestic energy structure since the end of WWII is urged to combat these new circumstances, and particularly in terms of LNG sector, Japan urgently needs to go far beyond the previous way of thinking for profound innovation.
KME intensively focuses on Japan’s new role in the global LNG market.

With a new LNG hub terminal to be operated in Maizuru/Kyoto, Japan, KME seeks a completely new business opportunity in both global and Japanese LNG market, and will enable Japan to overcome her previous, rather passive role in LNG sector. Relevant local communities are expected to effectively derive benefit from this project.
Our mission is “Realizing Future-oriented Energy Innovation from Maizuru”. We sincerely look forward to enjoying both active and effective participation of all the stake holders in this our project for the better world.

CV_Takeo HARADA_eng

Takeo Harada
Founder and CEO
Kyoto-Maizuru Energy Co. Ltd.